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The future of all-weather commercial autonomous transportation is here!


Ever wondered why you never see autonomous vehicles in bad weather conditions?

Our “Super-human” vision enables all-weather and unlimited speed for commercial autonomous transportation.


in collaboration with CampX by

Volvo Group

Vision and mission

Enable the future of commercial autonomous transportation of people and goods on land, water and in the air

Replace LIDAR as the preferred mid-to-long range  sensor in autonomous transportation.

Supply the leading situational awareness  system. Creating the most valuable machine  vision company by monetizing imagery data.

Establish a world-class leading knowledge-  and expertise-centre for electro-optical and  cyber-physical systems to stay ahead of the competition.

Our mission and our vision
Our product


Autonomous Knight enables the autonomous transportation economies of tomorrow on land, water, rails and in the sky. Our patented technologies deliver leading situational awareness for any industry in all weather conditions, day & night, 24/7/365. Autonomous Knight provides any mode of transportation, be it vehicles, vessels or UAV's with superhuman vision.


Superhuman vision is needed because autonomous control requires safety, reliability and accuracy better than humans could do. Any autonomous operation is only as good as it can perceive its surroundings, near and far in any weather condition. Why else autonomate? The better you "see", the more time the system has to make accurate, safe and efficient decisions.

We execute sensor fusion on a hardware basis so we don't need complex, energy and time consuming software processing to complete this task, eliminating the parallax problem along the way. This makes our solution ideally suited for high-speed autonomous operations. Unlike the point cloud generated by LIDAR, we dont lose contextual or semantic information since our solution is image based.


Today already, our system outperforms the leading LIDAR sensors by a factor 10 in all weather spatial resolution. The value add applications based on these gathered images are numerous: 3D mapping, GIS, digital twin creation, 3D world recreation similar to google streetview that can be processed and analysed.

Keys specs

Performing in all weather conditions, day and night

Ideal for real time high speed applications

No processing power or energy or time loss

It can be used on land, water, rail and in the air

Our solution : The AK-LEOU
vector kopie.jpg

Solution : The LEO-1

Autonomous Knight has created the Autonomous Knight Long Range Electro Optical Unit or the LEO-1. We mimicked and improved the capabilities of the human eye by creating a multi-spectral camera system. We developed and patented the best mid- to long-range sensor, enabling super-human vision, that will fast-track transportation autonomy levels and enable the future of autonomous transportation. 

The LEO-1 outperforms LIDAR, but the real value upswing is in the monetization of the image data. The image data recreates the world in 3D digital models for geospatial mapping applications. Our multispectral dataset holds more valuable information than a regular camera image and let alone a LIDAR point cloud.

Our sensor will enable these vehicles an identification performance exceeding 200 meter in any weather condition day and night with ability to monetize the imagery for high value and impact applications such as predictive haul road maintenance.

Automotive executive & ex-founder EV industry 


"Not the next 



Automotive tier 1 senior executive


"When you make this happen you are the new unicorn on the block!​"

CTO at a leading defence company


"You guys have solved

a 30-year-old


Our team


Founders & management team
Noël Jans.png

Noël Jans
Tech Knight

has his roots in the automation industry for chemical production plants. After successfully starting a  VC backed AI-company that was sold  to a large German software company he focussed on automation challenges within mining, whereof Autonomous Knight was  born.

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Geoffrey Ejzenberg.png
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Geoffrey Ejzenberg
Business Knight

a seasoned serial entrepreneur in the mining and minerals industry, with a successful international career focused on business development, operations and finance in Asia, LATAM and EMEA. 

Advisory Board
Michelle Ash_edited.jpg

Michelle Ash

CEO Geovia, Dassault Systems


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John Innes

Prof. Scottish space program / Ex-CTO & group VP Research & Innovation Leonardo


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roby stancel_edited_edited.jpg

Roby Stancel

Partner, Innovation and Technology, VCI


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Schermafbeelding 2022-05-08 om 10.28_edited.jpg

Geoff Hayes

Partner deal advisory KPMG, Canada


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Jimmy Fitzpatrick

SVP Rexnord Business Systems, USA


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